Interim Management

Vacancy in the Call/Contact Center?

Running a call or contact center can be a challenge at the best of times. But this task can become significantly more difficult when there is a vacancy at the top of the call or contact center operation. Regardless of the cause of the vacancy: leave of absence, restructuring, center consolidation, or other organizational changes. The operational effectiveness and efficiency can begin to suffer within days without an effective leader. Morale and culture soon follows.

What is a organization to do in this situation?

Promote a junior member of the call center team? Unless they have been groomed and trained for this role, the experience can overwhelm them and contribute to further erosion of service and frustration for all involved.

Recruit a replacement is likely the best option, but it could take months to find the right candidate. How do you keep the center running effectively during this time?

The answer for many firms is interim management.

Taylor Reach can provide experienced Call and contact center experts who possess 15, 20, 25 or more years of experience building and running call centers, contact centers and customer service operations.

To stop the bleeding and to get your center back on track contact Taylor Reach today.




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