Indiana’s proposed B2B Do Not Call Registry (Indiana HB 1192) pulled

A recent threat to Indiana business and those tele-contact marketing to Indiana businesses arose from within the Indiana Legislature in mid January. Introduced as proposed 2009 legislation, HB 1192 was designed to modify IC 24-4.7 (Indiana’s Do Not Call statutes) to make business telephone numbers, including VOIP, eligible for the Indiana Do Not Call registry.

This week the American Teleservices Association (“ATA”), in conjunction with ATA members and ATA business coalitions successfully lobbied against Indiana House Bill No. 1192. The bill was pulled by its sponsor, Indiana House Representative Joe Pearson (D) prior to being heard at the Indiana House.

Josh Scism, Director of Governmental Affairs for the ATA, attended a meeting with the bill’s sponsor and stated, “Representative Pearson made it very clear in his comments to me that his purpose was to promote business in the State of Indiana rather than hamper it with this proposed legislation. He also spoke specifically to the challenges of the current business climate and mentioned that after discussion with the ATA and his senior party members, the bill was officially pulled and shall not reappear this [legislative] session.”

ATA CEO Tim Searcy contributes, “It is our goal at the ATA to facilitate our chapters and member companies to proactively remonstrate against any bills that unduly threaten our ability to conduct respectful business practices. This victory in Indiana is by no means a solo venture, but rather represents that via coalitions and membership cooperation, collective voices are far more productive than those separated. It also shows that business must be protected to remain a high value component of the domestic economic recovery.”

The ATA prides itself on defending the interests of the contact center industry and celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2008. The contact center industry employees an estimated 4% of total American workers and is often broadly miscast as “telemarketers.” Contact centers actually serve a critical function for business operations from inbound customer queries to outbound business support. They are, in fact, the hubs of American business development and consumer resolution.


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