Inadequate Training Costs

Thomas Noftall thought he was a big winner with four scratch and win tickets totalling $135,000. Originally the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) said the tickets were misprints and and not winners. Mr Noftall however phoned the OLG call centre and asked if there would be a payment made if there was an error, and he was told there would be. According the OLG CEO Kelly McDougald “that was an erroneous statement.”

Because of that “direct miscommunication,” OLG “made him a payment in acknowledgment of that pain and suffering.”

The amount paid to Mr Noftall was not disclosed.

This story underscores the importance that all agents in a centre understand the policies and procedures and also the risks of inaccurate communication.

One thought on “Inadequate Training Costs

  1. James says:

    If you provide less information or wrong information it will certainly pain your in present or in future. so as happened with OLG.

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