Huthwaite: service culture is flawed

A recent survey from Huthwaite has revealed that companies see retaining customers through service as the most important part of their business strategy — but the consultancy believes a service focus could be damaging.

Huthwaite’s Annalise Cuthill believes this lack of focus on sales is a mistake by many companies: “Sales belongs at the heart of the business, as commercial philosophy and not a department. If companies are to go beyond simply adding value to creating value — truly understanding customers and anticipating their needs — everyone within the business needs to appreciate their role in the sales process and how their behaviour can impact positively on the bottom line.”

Meanwhile, the focus on customer service does not even seem to be getting through to consumers, with the same survey revealing that poor customer service was causing 39 per cent of respondents to think about switching supplier.

On the other hand, lack of product or service differentiation was much less of a concern, with just seven per cent citing that as a reason to leave.

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