How Does Your Call Center Rate? – Find Out Now!

The Snapshotz Online comparator is designed to serve as a guide for contact center management to get a view quick view of where their center sits vis-à-vis other centers in the same vertical worldwide.

The comparator is drawn from data across the 400 plus centers that use Snapshotz as an audit and benchmarking tool.

Snapshotz Online contains over 700 plus data points and provides a holistic approach for assessing and managing a contact center. Whilst a summary report amongst more detailed reports are available when the tool is used, this comparator only uses 8 of a potential of 30 key elements to summarize the Snapshotz scores achieved by Best Practice Centers (the top 25% of users of the Snapshotz tool).

How to use the comparator.
Step 1: Please confirm your vertical industry you belong to (10 seconds approx)
Step 2: Complete the self assessment (30 seconds approx)
Step 3: Let us know who you are so we can send you the comparator results via email

Click here to compare your center

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