How Contact Center Consultants Can Achieve On-Going Revenue and Engaged Customers

Objectives as a Contact Center Consultant

As a CX and Contact Center consultant, we need to be able to do a few things:

1) To continually have an on-going revenue stream
2) To be known in the industry as being able to add value
3) Measure and deliver our inputs into a Contact Center or into the organization

What is Snapshotz Online?

Snapshotz helps Call Center Consultants achieve all 3 of the above-mentioned objectives.

The Snapshotz tool allows consultants to assess the organization and Contact Center in just 1-2 days. What is really useful in this process is the quick engagement with the organization, unlike the traditional consulting process where you interview clients and ask them the questions. The Snapshotz Online tool allows organizations to ask the questions themselves and come up with the answers themselves. This is very powerful as a customer engagement piece.

With the results in, you can actually see what needs to be done. The Snapshotz report delivers assessments and benchmarks in real-time. This provides the consultant the level and the platform to leverage their expertise to drive the outputs that help organizations and Contact Centers move forward.

Once the Contact Center begins implementing these projects recommended by the consultant, the organization can then use Snapshotz to measure the effect of those projects over time. From the consultant’s perspective, what that delivers is reason for an ongoing engagement with the customer – what every consultant wants – a credible and established ongoing business relationship.

Also, over time, you as a Contact Center consultant, become the expert authority because you now know at a detailed level what the core issues are. This is not only true for you as a consultant, but also the customer, as they themselves are aware – this has become more of a partnership.

⦁ On-going income stream
⦁ Engagement with the customer
⦁ Review, understand and map the efforts of the customers

How Does Snapshotz Online Benefit the Contact Center Consultant?
Snapshotz is a great tool for consultants because you will understand where to look and where to make improvements. Because this is a self-serve tool, as a consultant, you need to verify and clarify that the questions have been answered properly and that there are no inconsistencies from answer to answer.

Here are some benefits in terms of the time investment dedicated to completing the Snapshotz questions:

⦁ Flexible: Gives the end-user flexibility to do this on their own time
⦁ Saves the consultant time: You don’t need to dedicate time towards asking these questions, but rather can dedicate time towards assessing the Snapshotz generated report to establish a more prescriptive approach to optimizing the Contact Center.
⦁ Consistent Data – Snapshotz is a comprehensive tool that collects an abundance of data consistently
⦁ Reduced Cost: Ultimately, this reduces the cost of consultant’s work, and or improves your margins.

Snapshotz Online as a Starting Point

Snapshotz is a starting point – it gives you a good portion of the background that you need to collect and or verify on site. Snapshotz tells the customer where they are in comparison to best-practices, but it doesn’t really tell them why. The consultant's job is to find the ‘why’ and then establish what to do with the information; where to move, and what the next steps are. Snapshotz helps to tell you where the focus should be – the consultant is able to verify this.

For consultants, this is a very good tool, not only for the benefits articulated above but also from the consultant’s perspective.
Snapshotz Online for Independent Contact Center Consultants vs. Contact Center Consulting Organizations
For organizations with multiple consultants or independent, single consultants the benefits are somewhat different.

Individual/ Independent Consultants:

All of the comparison and comprehensive capabilities from Snapshotz is for a consultant as valuable as it is for the client. It serves as a checklist for the consultant to be able to dive deeper into the ‘thousand moving parts’ of the Contact Center. Particularly, if the consultant uses Snapshotz the way TRG does, in that the customer adds the information into the database and the consultant then goes in a verifies this information, this allows the consultant to look at the data to understand where to ‘dig-down’ to begin formulating the opinions and strategies required to achieve what the client is trying to do. Aside from a benchmark against best-practices, the client is going to be looking for recommendations and guidance.

Based on the customer’s desire, direction, strategy, budget etc.– a good consultant is able to access the report and craft a set of recommendations to support the strategy. Snapshotz is comprehensive; it collects a lot of data, consistently. That consistency of collection is also important and is collected regardless of the assignment that the individual consultant is working on. That is good for the individual consultant but superb for an organization with multiple consultants and here’s why.

Organizations With Multiple Consultants – achieve the 3 C’s:

For the single Call Center consultant, because they don’t have access to perspectives from multiple consultants, as organizations with multiple consultants do – such as Taylor Reach Group (TRG) – they can go into an assignment and possibly overlook something that would be useful and comparative. For organizations with multiple consultants, often each consultant would ask different questions or even the same questions in different ways. This can create gaps, and ambiguity in the data captured, ensuring that questions are always asked and answered consistently, from multiple perspectives thus delivering comprehensive results. Snapshotz results are always complete, consistent and comparable across geography, vertical and consultants – the 3 C’s. This reduces variation, eliminates gaps and ambiguity and significantly improves what is delivered to the client.

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