Hospitality Call Centers best for Corporate Alignment

Hospitality and Property Management Vertical Best for Corporate and Call Center Alignment
Snapshotz benchmarking of call and contact centers world wide released the results of analysis of more than 600 call centers highlighting the connection between corporate goals and a centers objective.
Center directors and VP’s when asked about the connection between the business and their contact center only scored 76.7% in terms of being aligned to the corporate goals and objectives.
Firms in the accommodation, cafes and restaurants vertical scored the highest at 81.9% along with the Property and business services vertical at 79.9%
Firms in Finance and Insurance scored low at 72.9% and the Retail sector finished last with only a 68.5% alignment score.
Despite all the talk of organization alignment to goals and objectives clearly, there is a long way to go. Call and Contact centers are still not seen as part of the mainstream strategy in many organizations. Centers must be more proactive if they want and need senior management notice and attention.
Snapshotz Online is a SaaS performance audit, improvement identification and benchmarking tool designed to provide users with a clear and thorough understanding of their own customer facing operation and compare it to industry best practices. Snapshotz assesses call centers’ across more than 600 data and supports comparison across industry verticals and across nations, truly establishing what is ‘world class’ service.

For a free high level view of how your center ranks based on 5 of the 700+ criteria points click here.
For more information and to see how your center compares to the world, check out the full tool at Snapshotz.

One thought on “Hospitality Call Centers best for Corporate Alignment

  1. John Rogers says:

    Many businesses do not understand the need for call center services. Call centers can ease the stress that many employees feel every day by taking orders over the phone, addressing customer’s concerns, generating leads, and much more. Some call centers, are ahead of the rest, as they offered a dedicate project manager to each client, which ensures that the company’s goals are thoroughly met or exceeded. This can go a long way for corporate alignment.

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