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In conversation recently with a client, they remarked at how wonderful it was to be able to rely on TRG as a sounding board when reviewing and discussing contact center results and trends . This got us thinking that perhaps this would be a service that would be appealing to other organizations.

What if you could have the services of a world class contact center consultant to review your performance, and act as your advisor for less than $50 per day?

We thought that everyone could use additional bandwidth or another set of eyes, so we thought we would offer just that. The new TRG Advisory Service will give you just that: you will receive a 90 minute debriefing on your center, your metrics, KPI’s, your goals, objectives or plans. The each month you send us your results, strategies, plans or whatever and we will spend 2 hours reviewing the information, critiquing and developing questions. Then we spend 2 hours with you in a telephone or web ex conference reviewing our thoughts, questions and recommendations. You get all of this expert support and assistance for only $1,000 per month. We have determined that we impose a strict limit of 25 clients for whom we will offer this service so as not to compromise the service we provide to our other clients. To get this program started quickly we will offer the first 10 clients a monthly rate of only $800.00. The agreement term is for 12 months and if you don’t feel you have received value for your money after the first month we will refund your money and cancel the agreement.

To enroll your company in the TRG Advisory Service program send an email to [email protected] and we can begin the service next month.

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