Help Me Help You

By: Colin Taylor

We know what our customers want when they contact our organization, they want an answer to their question or inquiry. Research tells us that 56% of customer just want the right answer when they reach out to the contact center. However 44% of customers confirm that they have received incorrect or inaccurate information or what could be characterized as a ‘wrong’ answer. So it should be no surprise that 64% of customers surveyed do not trust the information they receive.

Simply put we have lost the trust of our customers. How can we build or rebuild this trust? The premise of any customer service or technical support contact center is that we are the experts. We should be the local guides that can assist the customer to navigate the potentially difficult challenges of our systems, policies and procedures. Too often however, we have cut corners on our recruiting, training or coaching and because of these short-cuts we are placing unskilled, uneducated or uninformed agents in front of our customers. This is recipe for disaster. We have some of our lowest paid staff interacting with our most valuable assets, our customers, without the knowledge, training or capability of satisfying the customers inquiry. This leads to dissatisfied customers, a reduction in trust and increased interest in competitive offerings and often, ultimately to churn.

So as we head into the New Year, lets make a resolution to invest appropriately to equip our front line staff with the skills, knowledge, training and coaching to be the ‘trusted advisor’ we want our agents to be, rather than the source of untrusted information that feeds confusion, frustration and costs us customers.

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