Four Top Trends for Contact Centers

2 thoughts on “Four Top Trends for Contact Centers

  1. Bowen Moody says:

    Hi Colin,

    I love your point about how AI will be used to handle simple requests in call centers but we will always need human intervention for the most complex problems.

    I am trying to build a tool that allows agents to solve these more complex problems which includes video, screen takeover and analytics to help diagnose and prioritise issues.

    I would love to catch-up to get your expert opinion on the idea and would be willing to offer the tool for free to you and your clients as thanks for your time.

    Kind regards,
    Bowen Moody
    [email protected]

    • Sarah Hill-Stapley says:

      I agree that there will always be a requirement for live agents intervention to address complex issues and as more and more simple and straightforward tasks are automated, the percentage of interactions that are complex will continue to increase. The development of new tools and processes will be essential for success for both the organization and the customer. The shift to increasingly complex interactions will also require a change to the hiring and on-boarding process as the complexity of these interactions will require more advanced skills and competencies.

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