Founder of Customer Services Audit, and Creator of Snapshotz Online Makes Guest Appearance



We recently had the opportunity to host the founder of Customer Services Audit  and creator of Snapshotz™ Online, Deepak Selvaratnam, at Taylor Reach Group’s Headquarters, for a cheese and wine reception. Deepak met with a number of consultants and potential clients while on his Canadian tour from Vancouver to Toronto and this week is attending the PACE event in Washington.

Since establishing Snapshotz™ Online in 2009, the Contact Center audit tool has become the largest single database of contact center best practices on the planet! Today more than 2100 centers have completed a Snapshotz™ audit. Today the dataset reflects more than 14 million data points.

Snapshotz™ has evolved from simply a benchmarking tool, to becoming the certification authority for 5 national contact center organizations and today hundreds of centers are certified each year by Snapshotz™ certified auditors.
Get more information on Snapshotz™ please check out the following links:

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