#fiveideas The Results are In- Read the Post and Vote on this Weeks Topics

By: Colin Taylor
Last week I asked for your help – I wanted to find out the topics that resonate with you the call or contact center operator. I promised that once you voted for your favorite I would write the article post. Well you did your part and I did mine, you can read my #fiveideas post-Why the Quality Listening program Should Not be a Performance Review here

Background on #fiveideas – I have often heard that just one good idea can change everything. It can make a conference worth attending, change the course of history or even make a meeting worth attending. Now I can’t guarantee that we can change the course of human history or even make a meeting productive, but hopefully the ideas I share can make the reading worthwhile, though you will need to be the judge of that. Now if one good idea can do so much, what can we achieve with 5 Ideas?- The mind boggles.

The objective of this post is to share some brief ideas and thoughts around call and contact center management and operation and ask for your feedback on which ones you would like to see a deeper dive into. I will listen to the wishes to the people, at least those who vote and deliver a detailed follow up to the 5 Ideas topics within a few days.

Here are last weeks polling results-

We have a new #fiveideas poll underway today- Vote Today
Vote for your favorite idea and I will write about in the next- Vote here

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