First 30 days for new Call Center Manager

As a call center consultant when I meet or speak to somone who has just been given the job of Call Center Manager, my response is always the same, “Congratulations or condolenses on your promotion, whichever you feel is more appropriate”. Seriously, managing a call center can be one of the hardest jobs in the world.

So what can the new manager do in the first month to dramatically improve their chances for success? In this post we examine the critical steps in brief.

Many centers were not designed, but rather evolved over time without a masterplan or a strategy. Often these same centers have not applied rigor to the process of staff selection nor staff promotion. The result can be a center where the single biggest asset and indicator of operational success, the ability to manage, being absent. This can make the job of the manager very difficult indeed.

So job one is to assess your supervisory and leadership staff compare their skills and capabilities and contrast these with the job functions and activities. Once you have completed the assessment and know which or your line staff can complete their duties, you can look at the actual operation of the center.

Once you have completed the above you can then begin to examine the operations. This is done by examining the ‘thousand moving parts’ of any call or contact center and ‘bucketing’ these elements under:
People.- Recruiting, hiring, career path, quality, rewards & Recognition
Process- Map all processes in the center as well as those that begin or end elsewhere
Technology- Assess the capabilities of the technology to optimize processes- are there better technology fits
Methodology- what you measure, KPI’s etc as well as what you do with them.

With your results in hand ask yourself-Are our proceses causing us to fail and Is the call center aligned to support our corporate objectives. The answers to these questions will help you to focus your attention over the next weeks and months.

If you complete the above exercises you will be well equipped to manage you center moving forward.

One thought on “First 30 days for new Call Center Manager

  1. Mark Rollag says:

    Here is how we do it in our Jamaica Call Center…The hiring process for a call center agent is one of the most important aspects of managing a call center. We use special software tools to help our managers understand the strengths of an applicant. We never want to hire a person just because we need to put a body in a call center seat. That never helps the client, our company or the person that we hired.

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