Finding Real Experts in the Age of LinkedIn

Finding Real Experts in the Age of LinkedIn

By Colin Taylor

In the age of Linked In, everyone claims to be an expert and the challenge for most people is how do you tell the real experts from the self-appointed?

I would humbly suggest that there a few factors to consider;

  1. What have they done and where (locations and verticals)? In short, what is their experience?
  2. Do they share their knowledge, through articles, posts, speaking at events?
  3. Are they recognized by the industry and their peers as experts?
  4. Do their clients achieve their goals enjoy working with them?

If you agree that the above is a reasonable measure of expertise, then you should consider The Taylor Reach Group for your contact center, customer experience transformation initiatives.



All Taylor Reach consultants have between 20 -44 years of contact center leadership and management experience.

We have worked in virtually every vertical imaginable.

We have worked on every continent except for Africa and Antarctica.

Taylor Reach clients have won awards on two continents.

Knowledge Sharing

Taylor Reach senior leaders have published more than 2,000 articles on the topic of contact center, customer experience, transformation, etc. including on industry sites including;

  • Foundations Magazine
  • Contact Management Magazine,
  • Contact Centre Pipeline
  • Customer Think
  • Call Centre Times
  • Call Centre Helper
  • CRM Magazine
  • Direct Marketing News, a regular column

Taylor Reach leadership has spoken at dozens of industry events and conferences, both domestically and internationally

We have participated as judges and senior judges for contact center and customer experience awards in North America, the UK, and Asia (Singapore).

We support industry associations and have helped form and grow trade associations.


Taylor Reach leadership has regularly been recognized by the industry and their peers as ‘thought leaders’. Including being recognized as #5 in the Global 100 Customer Service Leaders, Recognized on numerous Top 15, Top 30, and Top 50 Customer Experience Influencer rankings and lists, and a Top 50 Thought Leader by ICMI.

Client Satisfaction

For 4 years we have been tracking our net promoter score and the lowest score we have achieved is 88 and the highest is 100.

We have enjoyed many multi-year relationships with multiple clients.

Virtually every client engagement we have had has been referenceable.


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