Press Release: Financial Management Firm Contracts Taylor Reach for New Contact Center Site Selection


TRG PR 2019 004

Leading contact center and customer experience consultancy, The Taylor Reach Group, Inc., has announced that it has been contracted to perform site selection services for a new contact center for a world-leading financial management firm.

The client, serving millions of customers internationally with services ranging from personal and business insurance to asset management is seeking to expand its customer interaction capabilities. To this end, new facilities are needed to support this effort. The Taylor Reach Group, utilizes a comprehensive matrix of data points to analyze each client’s specific location needs, and brings decades of experience to the site selection process.

“Some of the factors we consider in researching a location for a new contact center include staff or workforce issues, local population, unemployment levels, and potential recruiting targets for the call or contact center. There may also be financial incentives associated with creating jobs in some jurisdictions, which can significantly reduce the cost of establishing a new center from scratch,” states Colin Taylor, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer with The Taylor Reach Group.

Taylor Reach provides comprehensive, vendor-agnostic contact center and customer experience consulting and support services to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Based in Toronto, Canada, Taylor Reach has consultants across North America, and has helped hundreds of companies as far afield as Europe and Asia to locate and optimize their front-line customer service operations.


About The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.: 

A global Contact Center, Call Center, and Customer Experience consulting firm. Established in 2003, Taylor Reach is dedicated to assisting clients to solve customer experience, contact center, and customer service challenges. Services include Strategic Assessments, Training Development, Revenue Generation and anything related to optimizing the Contact Center. Taylor Reach serves client organizations across all verticals with anywhere from 5 to 10,000+ agents: SMB’s, Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms.

Media Contact: For more information on The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. visit or phone Steve Baric at 1-866-334-3730 ext. 112

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