Facts, Figures and Trends

A few more or less random observations on the call and contact center space that has come across my desk in the past few days;
-According to Accenture 68% of respondents to a recent survey reported that they had moved their business to new companies as a result of poor service received at the incumbent firm. This is up from 59% last year. This is even a higher percentage than moved due to price (68% to 53%), in the US in particular this trend was even more pronounced with 73% switching providers due to poor service, compared with 47% who switched based on price!
There is a cost to these defections with half of the respondents reporting moving $4,000 worth of business to new providers.
-33% of consumers said their service expectations were higher this year than they were 12 months earlier, 50% said their expectations were higher than they were 5 years.
-20% said they would leave a company immediately over poor service versus 13% in last years survey.
– Embarq the telecommunications company spun off from Sprint/Nextel has announced that they have replaced their IVR with live agents, due to customer dissatisfaction with automated service. In addition these call are answered domestically.

It looks like it is finally beginning to dawn on companies that superior service can be not only a differentiator, but also one of, if not the primary driver of customer loyalty.


2 thoughts on “Facts, Figures and Trends

  1. Colin Taylor says:

    But will this improved and customer centric service equate to increased loyalty, purchase and profit? This is the real proff in the process.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone tried this yet. I called Embarq yesterday to check my bill. I am used to getting the ivr and punching numbers in, waiting for the recording to tell me to use the internet or connect to spanish and then waiting and waiting and waiting. I got the sweetest voice on the other end on the first ring who said it was a pleasure to talk to me and would get me over to billing. Never have gotten through that fast before. This is great. I consider that to be a huge consideration in keeping landline.

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