Everything You Know About Your Contact Center is Changing…Fast

ct-7By: Colin Taylor
A new report published by Dimension Data suggests that contact center operators must deliver Digital Engagement or Die- Nice to know we have a choice.
Dimension Data research predicts significant changes to the #contactcenter landscape – 87% increase in non-voice traffic and 42% decline in voice traffic in #callcenters in just 2 years.
How will this shift impact your centers and your Customer Experience? Many call and contact center operators have been sitting on their hands over the past few years and ruminated about whether or where to invest in the face of a changing environment. “Do we perfect multi-channel?”. “Should we invest to make our interactions seamless; cross channel or omni-channel?”. “How do we empower our agents to support and deliver the Customer Experience?”

The Bottom Line
As the report clearly states, as Bob Dylan so famously sang ‘the times they are a changin’, so every call center operator will be forced to change their operation to adapt in this period of significant change. The bottom line, from my perspective is that organizations need to invest in mobile as the best value proposition to hedge their bets as we move to a new, albeit digital normal. Visual IVR, text and SMS chat, web enabled content and self service designed for mobile will quickly become table stakes and expected from all organizations who strive to deliver on their customers expectations, and the desired customer experience.

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