Eliminating Poor Customer Service

Well another year is behind and a new fresh unblemished year stands before us. I hope that you had a good year in 2014 and that 2015 brings you all the joy and happiness you wish for. At the intersection of the years it is common for us to both look back on what we did, what we created and what we learned in the preceding year and also to look forward at what the new nascent year may have in store for us.
For our part 2014 was a very busy year for The Taylor Reach Group, Once again we failed to achieve our mission to improve all customer Service everywhere, but we did make some small in-roads and achieved some small victories over poor service.
We saw a continuation of trend that began in 2011 as more eCommerce and etail organizations sought our assistance. We continued to work with a large athletic foot-ware manufacturer and retailer, we also continued our 5 year relationship with one of the largest fashion foot-ware companies. To this base, or dare I say to this foothold, we added one on the largest home improvement retailers, one of the largest sporting goods retailers, a womens-wear retailer, a major infant and child clothing retailer, we also began working with the iconic company that invented the electric guitar. Non eCommerce companies include a corporate travel agency, a major health non-profit, telecom companies in North America and Europe, a medical response company, hardware, software OEM’s and renewal organizations, and no less than 3 venture capital firms.
These projects took all over the globe with project travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Denver, Nashville, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Internationally we worked in Liverpool, Dublin (twice), Cork, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
The projects completed ran across our suite of services from interim management projects, to strategic assessments, technology acquisition (Telephony, CRM, email management, chat management), training curriculum design and development, outsource suitability, organizational redesign, process improvement, software and vendor assessments, benchmarking and site selection.
I am proud of the work we did in 2014 and proud of our ability to impact and influence our clients businesses. Like the eCommerce organization that had a service delivery organization consisting of both in-house and third party partner who was looking for our assistance in rationalizing and supporting one specific strategy. When we completed our engagement with this company, they were pursuing a different strategy than the one they had originally envisioned and were well on their significantly reducing their operating costs while improving their delivery capabilities and service performance quality.
Or the footwear company which retained us to overhaul the training curriculum that they provided to their third party outsourced contact centers. . We completed an assessment of the current training, identified improvement opportunities and designed an immersive training framework that leveraged classroom, group and individual self-study employing, elearning, simulations, quizzes and assessments. We developed the training courseware and launched the new course and receive positive feedback from the trainers (if “epic homerun” is positive feedback). Better than positive feedback we exceeded the performance expectations significantly; exceeding all targets and outperforming the previous course across the board (VOC, NPS, FCR, CSAT, Resolution, etc.) and in doing so reduced handle time, reduced the mean time to competency and delivered positive return on investment in the first quarter the new training was employed.
Or the third party firm that we assisted in re-imagining their business and service delivery, which will result in significant operational efficiencies and perhaps even in entirely new services offering.
Yes we did some fantastic work (sorry, not sounding too humble here) in 2014 and I know that we will continue to optimize and innovate with our clients in 2015. The key to our ability to deliver so much and so consistently for our clients is, in my opinion, the breadth of knowledge and experience held by every member of the Taylor Reach team. Each team member has 20+ years of hands on operational experience and has innovated customer service across virtually every vertical. This track record and knowledgebase makes us uniquely qualified to assist diverse organizations improve the quality to the customer service they deliver or to deliver the customer experience that their customer expect.
I know 2014 for you held great achievement and 2015 will offer more opportunities to exceed expectations and excel and I wish you great success in all of your endeavors in this New Year. If we can play any small role in assisting you to realize your goals and aspirations in 2015 please reach out to me for a chat or a call. Who knows, perhaps together we can rid the world of poor customer service in 2015.

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