Your agents and employees are the single biggest asset you possess in delivering the desired Customer Experience, yet too often today this is a low paying, high turnover position. Too many call and contact centers have a ‘revolving door’ of agents. This high turnover is a constant drag on operational performance and customer satisfaction. Training provides an opportunity to improve agent retention, satisfaction and operational performance, but only if it is designed and executed properly.

Taylor Reach eLearning can help you free your center from endless mind-numbing powerpoint training sessions, because really watching someone read off a bulleted list does little to create learning or retention.

The adult learner and the millennial learning today can be a challenge, but Taylor Reach can help you master it. Students learn better by doing than watching, through engagement rather than spectating, through a balance of structured, unstructured, group and individual learning opportunities. Our eLearning has been proven to be effective in reducing training time, reducing time to competency, improving retention, improving recall and utility, all while delivering happier and more engaged agents. The net result is lower costs through better agents/happier agents and we know that happy agents lead to happy customers.

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