CX Snapshot

Do you know where you stand regarding what your customers feel about the service you are offering?

You may already employ Customer Satisfaction surveys, internal quality, compliance teams and/or use Net Promoter Score (NPS). While these tools can be useful, none delivers the granularity to help you analyze the situation, nor can they equip you with meaningful and actionable recommendations that you can implement today!

What the Customer Experience (CX) Snapshot does:

The three dimensions of interaction that have the greatest impact on the customer’s feelings, opinions and experience: Emotional Connection, Rational Connection, and Customer Effort.


The Customer Experience Snapshot addresses each of these three dimensions related to your customers, your brand, and your call center.

First, we place live calls employing trained professionals using detailed call scenarios, that you helped develop.
We monitor additional calls to your center drilling down further into these same scenarios.

We examine your processes and call flows with a view to the effort and persistence required by the customer to reach resolution for their inquiries,

Then we provide a detailed report assessing the center from the customer perspective across 30 variables of the 3 dimensions including;
* An aggregated Overall Customer Experience Score
* The Emotional Connection Score – How friendly, professional and helpful are your staff?
* The Rational Connection Score – How your center performs at resolving issues, escalating issues and inspiring confidence in their abilities?
* The Customer Effort Score – How easy you are to do business with?
* We also provide call recordings from the scenario calls

The Customer Experience Snapshot allows you to drive real change in your organization. No longer is the Customer Experience anecdotal, now it is a living, breathing entity. This allows you to socialize the finding quickly within the center and the broader organization.

The dimensions covered and scenarios assessed present the ability take immediate action to improve the experience being delivered by your center(s).

Take action today

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