CX Health Check

A Health Check for Customer Experience

More than half of customer interactions occur in the contact center, yet most organizations don't have any real insight into this critical activity.


Customer experience has a significant impact on satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Thus, customer experience delivered through contact centers has never been as crucial to an organization’s success as it is today.

Complete the CX Health Check

After completing this customer experience benchmark for your call centers, you will be able to:

  • Gauge and access the Customer Experience that is actually being delivered by your company’s call and contact centers

  • Gain insight into how best practice centers are delivering the CX today

  • Gain insight into how to improve your CX delivery in the future

  • Identify and prioritize improvement opportunities immediately

The Report Will Outline:

  • A benchmark of the customer experience your call center is providing, against 50 leading metrics that directly impactthe service and experience delivered

  • Comparison to how best practice organizations deliver the customer experience through their center operations

  • Detailed report highlighting areas where the center is performing well and areas for improvement

Buy Now: $1,500 + HST (13%), where applicable

In the meantime, follow these tips to keep your centers' CX health in check:

Taylor Reach Customer Experience Health Check for Contact Centers

Benchmark your contact centers' customer experience. No alternative insight exists on the market today!