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Customer Experience (CX) Health Check for Call and Contact Centers - open to companies in US, UK and Canada.

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The Taylor Reach Group, Inc., offers a number of CX focused services catered towards optimizing the customer experience in the contact center. And today, for a limited time only, Taylor Reach is offering one of these services free to the first 15 registrants – CX Health Check.

Did you know: A significant portion of customer interactions occur in the contact center; in fact, the call center is responsible for more than half of all interactions.

Problem: Many organization lack insight for this critical activity. "Companies are beginning to realize that contact centers actually contain a wealth of deep, untapped information about the customers," according to Experience Matter’s report, Unlocking Customer Insights From Contact Centers .

Conclusion: With customer experience having a significant impact on your customers’ loyalty and retention, CX delivered through call centers, has never been more critical to an organization's success.

What is CX Health Check

This is a customer experience benchmark, specifically designed by industry experts for call centers and contact centers – no alternative exists on the market today.

This CX Health Check, will benchmark your center against 50 leading metrics that have a direct impact on contact center service and customer experience. You will see how best practice organizations are delivering the CX through their contact centers, and how your center stacks up. The report will also highlight areas where the center is performing well, and areas for improvement and optimization.

4 Key Benefits of the CX Health Check

Whether you are capitalizing on this limited time free offer, or paying for this CX Health Check benchmark, here’s four of the key benefits for completing the CX Health Check:

  • Gauge and assess the CX currently being delivered in your company’s contact centers’
  • Identify and prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Gain insight into how best practice centers are delivering CX today
  • Gain insight into how to improve your CX delivery in the future

How to Access This Opportunity

Please remember that this no cost opportunity will only be available to the first 15 respondents – so act fast!

To get started and ensure your contact center is optimizing CX, complete the form below and we’ll provide you with an email invitation to access this customer experience benchmark within 48 hours!

Only a fool would miss an opportunity to gain insight into their Customer Experience.




Access the CX Health Check – Free to 15

Access the CX Health Check - Free to 15
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