CX Evaluation

CX Evaluation

Taylor Reach will optimize your centers' CX through observing, quantifying and benchmarking the customer journey as it engages with the contact center.

We will use 12 key factors to determine the effects of contact center interactions from the customers' point of view



The 12 key factors we've identified for a successful experience:

Each factor is assigned a unique value that together provides a quantifiable score accurately identifying the customer’s likeliness to churn, recommend services to friends/family, and overall delight in the experience received. By avoiding survey and internal QA team biases— evaluations give a true glimpse at the interaction from the perspective of the customer and are able to capture and quantify even emotional factors such as “delightfulness”.

Evaluations are performed by individuals trained in the neuroscience fields of consumer behavior allowing the measure of subjective viewpoints like “delight” and “friendliness” to be analyzed and compare from an academic understanding of unconscious cognition and emotionally driven factors.

Evaluations are posted real-time to the a provided customized dashboard highlighting the areas of opportunity, impact to life time value, historical comparisons, and other impacted performance indicators.




CX Evaluation - Value/Benefits

Insight for entire organization

  • Proven results effecting marketing efforts
  • Quality assurance
  • Training improvements
  • Employee engagement
  • Churn reduction
  • Brand loyalty
CX Evaluation