CX and Contact Center Consultancy to Conduct a Strategic Assessment of Major Medical Imaging Client

The Strategic Assessment is an essential ‘health check’ of your Contact Center that takes a deep analysis of people, process and technologies and the ‘thousand moving parts’ to establish a prescriptive approach for optimizing operations.

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc., will be conducting an in-depth diagnostic of Contact Center operations for their client who operates in the medical imaging industry.


The Taylor Reach Group., Inc. (Taylor Reach), announced today, that they will be conducting an in-depth diagnostic of the Contact Center operations for their client who operates in the medical imaging industry.

The Taylor Reach Strategic Assessment provides the client with a prescriptive approach for analyzing Contact Center operations in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Taylor Reach’s expert consultants will conduct on-site analysis coupled with implementation of a Call Center audit tool which will benchmark the center across 8 categories, 29 sub-categories, 700+ data points and against 2500+ other Contact Centers in order to establish a best-in-class comparison.

“We establish a client’s business goals through our on-site analysis, stakeholder interviews, and deployment of the Snapshotz audit tool which enables us to use this information in order to generate a prescription for improvement,” said CEO and Chief Chaos Officer, Colin Taylor. “I often refer to the Contact Center as having a thousand moving parts. In our consultant lead Strategic Assessment engagements we ‘uncouple’ this web of interconnected processes, procedures, and technologies to examine the basis and rationale for each discrete activity. We ‘bucket’ these elements under the four ‘pillars’ of Contact Center excellence: People, Process, Technology & Methodology.”

Taylor Reach incorporates a proprietary approach with the Contact Center audit tool as a data gathering method to benchmark and define where the client’s center is today and where it is going. The Strategic Assessment engagement will focus on reducing the Contact Center costs while at the same time increasing Customer Experience.
Taylor said, “Call Centers across many industry verticals share many of the same processes, functions, and tools. That said, each center and customer service operation is unique. Rather than using a cookie cutter approach, at Taylor Reach we offer tailored solutions specific to our clients’ needs.”

About Taylor Reach Group:

Taylor Reach Group, Inc., established in 2003, is a globally recognized Call Center, Contact Center and Customer Experience consulting firm. Taylor Reach has assisted thousands of organizations in achieving their Customer Experience and Contact Center objectives. Of the many services offered, Taylor Reach’s Strategic Assessment proprietary process takes a vendor agnostic approach to assist organizations in establishing a plan that enhances performance, operational effectiveness and efficiency while improving the ‘Customer Experience’, and driving operational innovation.

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