Customer Support & Interaction

With more than 200 years of combined experience, the Taylor Reach Group has the experience and the knowledge to coach and assist your organization in reaching your business goals and objectives.

Effective methodologies, technologies and processes are the keys to success in this essential communications link with your customers. Without the necessary know-how, there are daunting challenges waiting to be faced in such areas as:

  • best practices
  • leveraging technology to drive operational excellence
  • adopting emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge
  • evaluating the ‘true’ risks and benefits of ‘outsourcing’ and ‘offshoring’
  • benchmarking operating efficiency and effectiveness
  • certification
  • understanding the impact of privacy legislation and restrictive regulations on the contact/call center industry
  • site selection analysis

And, now’s the time to put The Taylor Reach Group’s know-how and experience to work for you and to help you increase efficiency with:

  • contact center strategic planning
  • contact center design
  • relevant technologies
  • business plans
  • business cases

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