Customer Service needs Alignment and Knowledge

I spoke to too soon. In my post the other day, “Sometimes you can’t Win for Losing” I had thought that we had the problem solved, but I was wrong. Despite our escalations and best efforts, we were unable to get the desired routing changes made. Instead we were told to “forward the calls to the number you want them to go to” by the agent, my response about ‘double toll’ feel on deaf ears. They just didn’t get it, they didn’t have the training perhaps or access to a knowledgebase. Regardless this cost them a customer.

The final resolution was to resporg the line to another carrier.

This shows not just dangerous not having you service groups aligned…the call center and the Account Team, but also how a gap or absence of training or knowledge can cost you business. This is an important message for all of us to remember in our own centers.

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