Customer Reach – February Newsletter

Customer Reah - February Newsletter


Contact centers, customer service and customer experience: news, views and how to's

Inside this issue:

  • Contact Center as a Strategic Asset
  • Top 5 Contact Center Trends for 2017
  • Aldo Uses Salesforce to Drive Customer Delight 
  • Partner Referral Program Launched
  • Top 15 NPS & Customer Service Thought Leaders
  • Stop using Voicemail in Your Contact Center
  • Top 5 Contact Center Trends for 2017
  • Taylor Reach NPS Score 100+

Contact Center as a Strategic Asset

There is no question that the efficient operation of the center is a key to the survival of the center.  For many contact centers, obtaining the required funds is an annual adventure. Budgets keep shrinking while the expectation grows.

What we have seen - heavy reliance on (and investing in) technology, in order to achieve efficiency and improve those Core processes. 
BUT, there is more to contact center processes!

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Top 5 Contact Center Trends For 2017

Recent trends indicate that customer service operations are in worse shape than they’ve been in several years. Overall, contact centers are not satisfying the needs of customers. Main areas for improvement include:

  • Resolving issues in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Providing omni-channel service among the most used channels.
  • Decreasing wait times to speak with an agent.
  • Getting better at first call resolution and eliminating call transferring.
  • Moving to a cloud contact center to meet customer expectations.

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Aldo Uses Salesforce To drive customer delight

Luxury retailer is using Salesforce to drive engagement, a seamless experience and customer loyalty.

Canadian luxury shoe retail brand Aldo operates globally and omni-channel, but has only recently begun using data to create a single view of its customers across all channels, improving the brand's ability to create good customer experience. 

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Partner Referral Program Launched

“Through the referral program, more companies and organizations can benefit from the advanced consulting solutions available through Taylor Reach. We have enjoyed working with all of the partners and are now thanking them with this special program to recognize their contribution to Taylor Reach and our mandate to improve operational effectiveness, efficiency and the customer experience delivered through call and contact centers,” said Colin Taylor, CEO and Chief Chaos Officer of The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.

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The Top 15 NPS & Customer Service Thought Leaders To Follow in 2017

Keeping track of NPS and Customer Service best practices is going to help you accelerate your business growth. With that in mind, we thought it would be extremely valuable for you to know who are the thought leaders to follow in 2017.

These professionals have a rich experience in the Customer Service and NPS world, frequently publish articles on the topics of “Do’s & Don’ts” and join the various discussions on LinkedIn.

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Stop Using Voicemail in Your Contact Canter

Many well-meaning organizations provide the option for a caller to leave a voice mail when contact center is closed or even when they are being swamped with calls or contacts. I understand the logic and sentiment; “we can’t speak with you now but would like to in the future, so why don’t we call you” - very admirable.

On the surface, this appears to be a very customer centric and oriented approach, which we could expect to align with a superior customer experience. But as the saying goes the devil is in the details.


Taylor Reach NPS Score 100 +

Customer Satisfaction is critical for the success of any organization, and Taylor Reach is no different. Each member of the team strives to delight our customers and exceed their expectations.

To gauge the satisfaction of our clients we employ a customer satisfaction survey and all of our clients are asked to participate and complete a survey.

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