Customer Interaction, Service & Experience – January 17

Below are some of our favorite blogs and posts on call centers, customer service, and customer experience that we have come across in the past few days. Hope you enjoy reading them as well. Let us know your thoughts comments and suggestions- we appreciate the feedback.

Customer service needs friendly return
Delaware News
Imagine how much longer the “reason for the season” would linger if customer service employees were kind. Reach regular SNP guest columnist Dina Giddens through her blog at

“Southwest Is The Best!”
The Star-Ledger –
Clearly their organization knows the secret to winning customer service and it shows. I had a TRUE customer service experience!! Think about it, who in the hell has the time or the passion to write a blog this long about flying??? LOL. …

Shocks & Stares » Blog Archive » Digital Customer Service – 5
Spurred on by a recent article, ‘Why social customer service will come of age in 2012′, below is my work-in-progress Top 5 social media customer service …

My favorite of the day.
Though I’m not sure if turning off the phones is the best strategy for a customer focused organization in the face of a significant security breach. Read the post below. the last paragraph states “The company, which is well known for its customer service, said due to the high volume of customer calls it is expecting it will temporarily switch off its phones and direct customers to contact via email” – Does this sound like a company that is a leader in Customer Service and Customer Care? Of course as Richard Stevenson commented on LinkedIn “imagine what it does for their KPIs … calls resolved 100% calls solved first contact 100% calls passed to superior 0%”. Read it for yourself…

24 million customer accounts hacked at Amazon’s Zappos
Online shoe retailer Zappos told customers this weekend that it has been the victim of a cyber attack affecting more than 24 million customer accounts in its database. The popular retailer, which is owned …

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