Customer Interaction, Service & Experience – January 16

Below are some of our favorite blogs and posts on call centers, customer service, and customer experience that we have come across in the past few days. Hope you enjoy reading them as well. Let us know your thoughts comments and suggestions- we appreciate the feedback.

Personalizing customer experience at every touchpoint
KMWorld Magazine
The software delivers a personalized customer experience across all channels including the Web, contact center, mobile devices, social media and in stores, according to Oracle. American Apparel wanted a scalable, reliable platform with the ability to …

The Monday Line: Why UK Supermarket Chain Tesco is in Trouble – Part One
UK Progressive Magazine
All the metrics in the world could not fix their broken customer experience. As a Comprehensive school student (and throughout University) in the 1970’s, I worked part-time in Massachusetts for Angelo’s Supermarkets. It was a chain started by Italian …

The number one business mistake
By Chris Bell I am often asked what the one thing is that’s holding business back from developing and capitalising on a consistently delivered quality customer experience. My answer is that there is rarely one thing but if I was pushed to think of just …

Brands, As Filtered Through Customer Experience | Best Brand Blog
Every business wants to build a brand. The brand is more than just the logo or the tagline, and extends further than just the Atlanta websites or the 30-second.

Customer Experience: What You Need to Get to Make a Success of Your CX Initiatives
Business 2 Community
By Maz Iqbal, Published January 15, 2012 I have been reading Forrester’s 2012 Customer Experience predictions. Forrester is making three predictions: C-level execs will officially name customer experience as a top strategic priority; companies will …

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