Customer Interaction, Service & Experience – January 12

Below are some of our favorite blogs and posts on call centers, customer service, and customer experience. Hope you enjoy reading them as well. Let us know your thoughts comments and suggestions- we appreciate the feedback.

Customer service lessons learned from CBC’s Marketplace
GoForth’s favourite small business blog posts of 2011 | Home … CBC’s Marketplace aired an episode called “Canada’s Worst Customer Service: Store Edition. ……

Allianz Life Hires Exec With Customer Intelligence Focus
Insurance & Technology
As senior director of market management, Lisa Hoene will be responsible for the company’s customer experience and intelligence initiatives. By Nathan Golia Minneapolis-based Allianz Life has named Lisa Hoene senior director of market management.

Who said all the Call Center Incentives were Gone?
Just read the Site Selection Groups’ Economic Incentives market Report for December 2011 and it became very clear to me that incentives can still be a significant inducement to business locations and drive localized economic development.

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