Customer Experience Offerings

The Call Center or Contact Center is likely the single largest point of contact between your firm and your customers.

One of the key success factors for a Call Center/ Contact Center, is the customer experience (CX) being delivered. CX has significant impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention and with more than half of all customer interactions occurring in the contact center, the customer experience delivered through call centers has never been more critical to an organizations success, as it is today! How customers perceive your brand, is influenced by their interactions with the company.

Customers were not always customers. At one point they were prospects and your products, services and marketing brought them into the fold. Customers are valuable assets. They are the reason we are in business.

Taylor Reach can ensure your Call Centers' are optimizing the CX being delivered; We offer a number of services, each with a different focus to ensure a positive, memorable, customer experience.

  • Customer Experience (CX) Snapshot
    • A deep analysis  of live calls across your center addressing the 3 dimensions having greatest impact on CX
    • Detailed report assessing the center from a customer perspective across 30 variables 
  • Customer Experience (CX) Health Check
    • Benchmark your call centers' CX against 50 leading metrics and compare to best practice organizations
    • Detailed report highlighting areas performing well and areas for improvement

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CX Offerings

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