Curriculum Development

Training is an essential activity in each call center or contact center. Traditional training involves a trainer at the front of the room reading PowerPoint slides to the trainees. This approach we call ‘Sage on the Stage’ has been proven to be an ineffective way to train adults. The quality of service and the customer experience delivered by the center(s) is largely dependent upon the training delivered to the agents and the ability of the agent, to recall and employ that training when dealing with customers. Too often the customer experience suffers because the training is limited, ineffective or simply fails to equip the agents with the skills they need to service the customer.

Taylor Reach Can Help

Taylor Reach has helped numerous organizations to redesign and redevelop their agent onboarding training, leveraging multi-modal training approaches and adult learning techniques. These proven approaches improve retention and recall by agents, but has also be proven to reduce training time, and AHT, while improving FCR, CSAT and NPS.

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Training Development