Contact Center Jobs Grow in United States, lag in Canada

I was reading with great interest the latest contact center openings and closings from September. The news is quite encouraging on the whole. With more than 40,000 new jobs created globally and almost half of this number created in the US the outlook is bright. Even in Canada where we have seen a spate of recent center closings as US based firms come to grips with the reality of a Canadian dollar at 2 cents over par, we seen flattening of the decline. By my math in September in Canada we saw 500 jobs lost and 600 jobs created. Of course this level of job creation lags that seen in the US and even in a number of individual states. Colorado, New York, and Texas created more than 3,300 new jobs combined and more than 1,300 in Colorado alone! The largest single announcement in the US was TeleTech which plans to hire 7,500 Home Agents nationally. Offshore almost 75% of all of the new jobs created were by UST Global, Convergys and Expert Global that are creating a combined 16,000 new jobs.

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