Contact Center Industry Stats – How the Contact Center is Viewed Within Enterprises


Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a series related to Contact Center industry statistics. Below, you will find Call Center Statistics related to the organization and Customer Journey Mapping. In the next of this series, we will be discussing Contact Statistics related to the various channels within the Call Center.

How Is Your Contact Center Perceived by the Rest of the Organization?

Most companies acknowledge that the Contact Center is a great source of customer insight.

64.5% of organizations view the Contact Center as a source of customer insight, a slight increase on last year’s figures. (Call Centre Helper) It is important to understand the relationship between the organization and its center – the Call Center or Contact Center is likely the single, largest point of contact between your firm and your customers.


More Organizations View the Contact Center as a “Cost Center” Rather Than a “Profit Center”

Nearly 40% of industry professionals believe that their Contact Center is viewed as merely a compulsory expenditure by the wider business, believing it to be a “cost center” rather than a source of profit. (Call Centre Helper)

Which one of these two approaches is right for your Contact Center? Well, the answer depends on the role of the Center within the organization (for example “Technical Help Desk” vs. “Sales & Services”) and the overall mandate for the Center. There are advantages and disadvantages to using Profit Centers and Cost Centers. The dividing line between the two approaches is not always clear but it is extremely important for Contact Center management to decide on an approach since it will determine and establish the Contact Center priorities.


Customer Journey Mapping:

Companies focused on providing a superior experience across customer journeys realized a 10-15% increase in revenue and a 20% increase in customer satisfaction. (Ameyo)

Over Three-Quarters of Contact Centers Now Use Customer Journey Mapping

According to Axonify’s survey, 76.6% of organizations are now mapping out the customer journey, in an effort to enhance the overall customer experience.

While this is good in terms of designing great customer service at every journey touchpoint, it was surprising to find that only 20.9% of organizations use personas, given the high percentage now mapping customer journeys.

Personas can help to bring the customer journey to life and provide more of an understanding of the emotional experience at each touchpoint. (Axonify)

63.9% of Contact Centers find it difficult understand and follow the customer journey across all of the channels that they operate over. (Axonify)

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