Consumers believe service on the way down

Consumers believe service on the way down
A new study has found that more than half of Australians believe customer service levels have declined in the past five years.
The study by consultancy AMR and customer feedback platform Feedback ASAP, is based on a survey of 521 Australian consumers. According to the report, 58.5% of respondents believe customer service has declined in the last five years, while only 17.4% say it has improved.
Complaints from consumers predominantly focused on poor staff attitudes, problems with overseas call centres, and a lack of professionalism and product knowledge. “The research showed that poor staff attitudes are a standout factor in consumer dissatisfaction,” AMR Melbourne general manager Mary Forgie says. “In particular, people found attitudes from young workers in retail particularly wanting.”

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One thought on “Consumers believe service on the way down

  1. Fastforward says:

    Or it could just be that there is a general inclination to think that everything was once better and that things are going down the drain. The ancient greeks did so already. Maybe it would be interesting to ask people’s opinions about a couple of other things, like: “How do you think the weather has become in the last couple of years?” And see if their opinion is any more positive 😉

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