Colin Taylor judging US CXA ’22

Colin Taylor

Awards represent an encouragement. They show us what the “best” have done and they can inspire all of us to do better. I have participated as a judge, and senior judge for contact center and customer experience awards in Canada, Asia, the UK, and the US.

At the first-ever US CXA®, more than 50 organizations will compete for the most coveted accolades in customer experience.

Taylor Reach is pleased to announce that CEO and Chief Chaos Officer Colin Taylor will be joining the judges’ panel for the inaugural awards in June, 2022.

Using the scoring criteria, judges will carefully scrutinize every written submission and live presentation. Scores from each judge will then be added together to determine the winners for each category. After the event, every finalist will receive a detailed Feedback Report with constructive comments from the judges to help going forward.

This year’s US CXA® will welcome more than 50 successful companies as finalists. It’s a great honor having all of them compete for the accolades at the inaugural US awards.

There are 19 categories this year, each of which recognizes a particular aspect of CX excellence. The awards finals will be held live online on June 23, 2022.

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