Church Denomination to call in Taylor Reach for Contact Center Strategic Assessment

A church denomination with worship and education centers around the world has called on The Taylor Reach Group to assess its contact center operations.

Award-winning global contact center consultants and Customer Experience experts, The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (TRG) have been enlisted to help the faith community assess its customer experience operations. Calls are primarily focused on customer service, memberships, and subscriptions related to the group’s monthly publications.

“While the contact center operations are small,” says Colin Taylor, TRG’s CEO and Chief Chaos Officer, “it’s still important that operations be efficient and member-focused, as much for the satisfaction of the caller as for the community’s bottom line. Whether an organization has a few dozen agents or a few thousand, the guiding principles are the same.”

Taylor Reach will assess the contact center operation focusing on the areas of People, Process, Technology and Methodology. “We employ a holistic approach to contact center assessment,” says Taylor. The outcome of such an assessment is then measured against data from the best-performing contact centers in the world, to determine if there are gaps between current and best practices, and what steps can be made to close those gaps.

With these metrics, Taylor explains, TRG will be able to address concerns and bottlenecks in the customer interaction experience that, once solved, can greatly improve that experience and save the organization time and money in resolving customer issues.

About The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.

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