• Help Desks…so why can’t we get help?

    Posted on May 02, 2007 in Technology

    Help Desks…so why can’t we get help? So why it is that today the helpdesk is derided almost universally, by the people they are there to help? Why that is the help desk has been renamed in many organizations as the ‘helpless desk’. Is the culprit the design of the help desk, the management, the […]

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  • Managing Knowledge in complex telecommunications call center environment

    Posted on February 12, 2007 in OpinionTechnologyTelecommunications

    “In a call or contact center environment I can see two distinct types of knowledge; the knowledge that is utilized and leveraged in providing service to customers and the knowledge that is generated through the operation and execution of the call/contact center services. In the first case most call/contact center are very poorly structured and […]

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  • Will Hosted Solutions Change the Workforce Management Paradigm?

    Posted on November 01, 2006 in Technology

    Labour is the single biggest expense in the operation of any call or contact center representing two thirds of the total budget, yet thousands of centers today still rely on ‘by guess and by golly’ methods of scheduling staff. Of course many large and well run centers employ robust ‘best of breed’ workforce management solutions […]

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