We don’t just woo your business with tantalizing promises you’ve heard before. We win your business with measurable, bottom-line results like these:

  • $16 million in annual saving for a technology BPO
  • $1 million saved within one year for a major, international publisher
  • $1+ million in savings when a re-engineered process eliminated a need to outsource technical support for a major printing manufacturer
  • Productivity improved by 54%, while the cost per contact declined by 47%. At the same time reduced call handle time, improved first call resolution, increased answer rate by 33%. The Service Level attainment improved by over 50% in the year
  • $900,000 saved within 6 months for a major consumer electronics retailer – following implementation of recommended process changes
  • $6 million annual saving for one of Australia’s largest banks.

But don’t just take our word for it…

The TRG Team is exceptional in their level of professionalism, support and experience and they’re involvement in our transformation has been most productive and rewarding!

TRG’s ability to govern all aspects of the project journey is best in class.  Weekly report activity, project management, and follow up were so seamless, I found myself saying.. “I don’t have any changes.. “  as they captured everything I threw out and got it right the first time!

The benefits of partnering with Colin and his team have been exponential.  They began diligently studying our Contact Center, documenting work flows and working quickly to understand our business and did so with zero impact to our current work day… they blend in seamlessly and got right to work!

We recently made the unanimous business decision to partner once again with the stellar TRG Team – was an easy conversation with our leadership team as the ROI wasn’t difficult to sell – and we’ve retained them for platform implementation, WFM and Quality Standards portion of our project!

Director of Client Experience

The CX HealthCheck® Assessment from Taylor Reach is very comprehensive and provides a very good report. We are already started leveraging the findings to improve our Customer Experience

VP Technology Company

We were very satisfied with The Taylor Reach Group’s work as they helped shape a much more productive and profitable Customer Service Dept. At Aldo.

Vice President, Aldo

Colin and by extension the Taylor Reach Group have brought a professional and tailored approach to our Customer Service Center needs. He has been instrumental in helping with the development and deployment of tools and processes to meet the needs of our rapidly growing business. I highly recommend Colin to anyone looking to improve service to their customers while building an efficient service operation.


I really enjoy Colin’s’ writing style and the info he conveys in his articles. His thoughts on self service and customer service are brilliant. I would highly recommend his articles as they can serve as a good primer to anyone interested in improving their customer service or call center capabilities.

Micah Solomon

The new guru of customer service excellence is Micah Solomon” –The Financial Post. Speaker and Bestselling Author

Colin is a rock-solid business professional with a deep knowledge of the contact center industry. With honesty, integrity, and excellent interpersonal skills, Colin will tell you what you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear.  His exceptional communication abilities allow him to deliver a message without the nonsense, and he is a trusted listener and advisor to colleagues and subordinates alike. He really understands what “partnership” is all about. He is a hands-on leader, who completely understands the requirements, committing and delivering on-time/on-budget projects by rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done. He will do whatever it takes to complete the project and do so with style.

Vice President, ING Bank

Colin consulted with our regional community bank on a Call Center start-up project. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the Call Center industry. Well worth the cost. Would highly recommend!

Vice President – Forcht Bank 2012

I worked with the senior partners of the Taylor Reach Group for more than six years and there is no doubt in my mind that they saved us money, improved our processes and delivered innovation that greatly benefited our business and helped me achieve my departments’ goals.

Mary Comerford

General Manager (formerly), Customer Service, Readers Digest

The Taylor Reach Group provided invaluable assistance in developing a cohesive Management Team and a business strategy to help TCP grow to the next level. Certainly a part of the credit for our 70% revenue increase over last year is due to Colin and The Taylor Reach Group.

Allison Taylor

President, TCP Direct Inc.

I have worked with Colin and TRG and they delivered what they promised, when promised, on budget and delivered the promised improvements. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TRG to any organization who wished to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their call center operation.

Gary Sova

Corporate Vice President Marketing & Sales, Republic Services, Inc.

Colin’s depth of knowledge greatly enhanced the results. His recommendations made good business sense, and created a good outcome for the company and the employees. I trusted the research and the deliverable he and his company provided in a timely manner.

Customer Service Executive, Rodale

Colin understands the complex service requirements needed to support large multi-channel companies and he is able to articulate those needs to a range of audiences. Once the needs are defined, Colin has the ability to create a roadmap and structure for a given project, communicate the plan effectively, and deliver the desired results within the defined timelines. Colin is a creative thinker and has deep industry knowledge that would make him an asset to any company that engages in his services.

Senior Contact Center Executive, Best Buy

Colin is not only highly experienced and intelligent, but also extremely passionate about the contact center world. Give him any challenge, anytime or anywhere, he will rise up to the occasion! He shows tremendous ability to analyze problems and root causes, while formulating the much needed solutions for these problems. For someone with so many years of experience behind him, Colin is most humble and responds to feedback positively. I truly enjoyed working with him!

Sharon Liew

Organizer for International Contact Center Event Colin spoke at in Malaysia

Colin and his team really understand the nature of Customer Interaction and every facet of the contact center business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Colin or The Taylor Reach Group.

Ed McMahon, MBA, CMC

National Practise Director, Technology Solution Practice Watson Wyatt, Author of ‘Bricks to Clicks’

John is a true pleasure to work with. A leader, in every sense of the word. John has the ability to motivate, guide, and instill confidence – All within a 3-4 minute phone call. You can always depend on John to give a swift and direct cure to any dilemma you may get stuck in.

Outsource Service Provider

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