Taylor Reach Drives Service Level Improvement in 6 weeks

Taylor Reach helped an established services organization dramatically improve their service level in only 6 weeks through an integrated approach to service delivery.

The Challenge:

This very successful services organization faced a number of challenges; high turnover, low agent productivity, incomplete and inadequate training materials. All of these deficiencies lead to continued poor service performance. The company’s service level was very unsatisfactory with very few calls being answered in the service level defined ASA of 20 seconds, and more than 35% of all calls abandoning. The company sought out the guidance of Taylor Reach to improve the service performance of their contact center.

The Process:

Taylor Reach worked with the center to implement a revised hiring and training process. In addition, Taylor Reach mapped all processes operating in the center.

The Solution:

New hiring practices were implemented to recruit for the desired skill sets. The process mapping resulted in revisions to many of the processes to align better with the objectives of the business. Workforce management was introduced to support more accurate forecasting and scheduling.

The Result:

By implementing the recommendations made, the company improved the service level attainment 10 fold and at the same time reduced abandoned calls by more than 75%. Turnover dropped by more than 90% in the same period.

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