Outsourced Quality Monitoring – 3PQM

Taylor Reach helps Bank with consistent quality listening

The Challenge:

Our client a large financial institution was faced with inconsistent quality monitoring activities. The bank had previously implemented a number of ineffective quality monitoring improvement initiatives. When they contacted The Taylor Reach Group (Taylor Reach) the client wanted to implement an effective and consistent quality monitoring process that would standardize the quality measurement across 24 call centers.

The Process:

Taylor Reach and the client reviewed and revised the Quality guidelines, scoring matrix and reporting requirements. In addition, technical challenges had to be overcome including how to access call recordings, storage, retention requirements and policies. Finally, Taylor Reach had to pass a rigorous security assessment for both physical and logical security.

The Solution:

With guidelines revised and approved, new reporting was developed to assess not only the agent performance, but also the team, center, and Line of Business. The reporting would roll up from an individual agent up to the Senior Vice President. With the technology access, security approval and protocols in place, Taylor Reach conducted an in-depth calibration process with the client to ensure that the quality of the assessments and their consistency was constant.

The Result:

Within weeks changes were noticed, first by the front line staff and supervisors, then within a few months by senior management. By increasing the transparency and consistency of reporting, managers knew within 20 days how their supervisors and teams were performing and which supervisors were actively coaching and mentoring their agents. The scores and results were clear to everyone in the management hierarchy. The result of this attention showed everyone that quality was important to the institution.

For more than five years the program continues to support the quality and improvement of the agent performance in all of the call centers. The program has been an unqualified success and has been recognized by senior officers of the organization as a key to ensuring customer satisfaction.

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