Technology Acquisition Telephony Platform for Fortune 500 firm

Taylor Reach Assists Fortune 500 Company Select Enterprise Telephony platform

The Challenge:

Our client a Fortune 500 company with more than 200 locations nationally wanted to move away from locally sourced and selected telephony systems and wished to leverage the benefits associated with an enterprise-wide telephony platform. They asked Taylor Reach to assist them.

The Process:

Taylor Reach developed a blind RFP process to protect the identity of the client as well as to not contaminate the process. We contacted 20 manufacturers, integrators, and Hosted providers. 14 RFPs were issued. 6 responses were received.

Taylor Reach reviewed with each vendor their solution from the perspective of current functionality (based upon a user feature functionality requirement matrix developed by Taylor Reach), enhanced functionality (nice to have), redundancy and price.

Three vendors were short-listed; all references were checked and site visits were held with reference sites provided by each vendor.

The next stage involved inviting the last two proponents to a client site and completing a site-specific engineering assessment. The resultant document was compared to the RFP submission and a gap analysis was completed.

The Solution:

By issuing a blind RFP the client company was not inundated with sales calls. The vendors did not know who the client would be, subsequently they were unable to influence the process. Taylor Reach is an independent, vendor agnostic organization so the vendors were unable to influence our process. The result was a fair and transparent process which ensured objectivity.

The Result:

The client selected the successful proponent and the first site was operational in 3-months. The senior staff from the client organization stated that this process worked extremely well and resulted in a superior business decision.

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