Organizational Restructuring Case Study

Taylor Reach helped an established Integrated Communications company restructure to meet its’ operational and business objectives.

The Challenge:

After more than a decade in operations this Integrated Communications company faced daunting challenges; its founder and CEO had passed away, the senior VP then retired, and the new President and CEO needed to quickly revitalize and restructure the company. Specific challenges included; leadership, the constitution of the senior management team, lack of sales and comprehensive ‘vision’ for the future of the company.

The Process:

Taylor Reach consultants worked with the incoming chief executive and identified the business needs, based upon skills and competencies required. Identified a high-level vision and a process for establishing a cohesive management team and comprehensive vision.

The Solution:

Taylor Reach worked with the company to quickly recruit for two key staff roles. The senior management group met and completed a series of business visioning; sessions which identified the type and nature of the company for the future. These sessions created a Strategic Business Plan as well as a detailed Sales Plan. All members of the senior management team participated in Personality/Style/Drive assessments, which identified the key strengths and challenges within the management and sales teams.

The Result:

Within six months the company had increased staff by 40% and increased Revenues by an impressive 70%! In addition, the company now possesses a Strategic Plan, Sales Plan and a cohesive and productive management team.

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