Assisted a Major bank to review its Interaction/Call Center processes and identified more than $5 million dollars of operational efficiencies.

The Challenge:

A national network of call centers, significant staff turnover, unhappy customers, uncertainty regarding the benefits of outsourcing and challenges associated with delivering the value they sought from their call center channel. These were some of the challenges facing one of the largest financial institutions in Australia when they began speaking to Colin Taylor.

The Process:

Colin and his team of consultants began at the beginning, a full end-to-end review of each of the ‘moving-parts’ within the call center infrastructure. The sweeping engagement assessed the people in the call centers, their skills and competencies, the processes, procedures, operational methodologies, technologies, quality and service practices and business objectives. With a number of centers and thousands of agents, this was a significant exercise in terms of scope.

The Solution:

The client employed state of the art, best of breed technologies and had invested heavily in self-service and workforce management solutions. Their operational methodology was based on a very successful internationally accepted model…so what was the problem?

There were fundamental gaps in the process maps and invalid assumptions being employed in defining the objectives and means to attaining these objectives.

By vetting and re-engineering the process maps, procedures and operational methodology we ensured that the objectives of the organization could be met. In the process, we streamlined the use and application of the existing technology and implemented a limited outsource relationship, both of which improved efficiency and reduced expense.

The Result:

The bank improved its customer satisfaction, reduced turnover and leveraged enhanced benefits from their technology investments. In addition, they established an outsource relationship that allowed them better control on the call patterns arriving in their captive centers which improved the center performance, as well as employee morale. The re-engineering process improvement leveraged technology and outsourced combined to total more than $5,000,000 in annual operational cost savings!

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