Automobile Manufacturer

TRG completes Assessment that can yield $50 million dollars in operational savings

The Challenge:

This very successful car maker asked TRG to assist it in assessing its’ call center operations with a view to improving service and reducing expenses.

The Process:

TRG conducted a complete end to end assessment of the call center, its processes and those processes that impacted on the call center. These included;

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Monitoring
  • Coaching
  • Staffing
  • Forecasting
  • Quality assurance
  • Call routing
  • Staff Budgeting
  • TRG also completed an operational cost assessment and presented these results to management.

The Solution:

New hiring practices were implemented to recruit for the desired skill sets. The process mapping resulted in revision to many of the processes to align them better with the objectives of the business. Workforce management and amore robust quality assurance process were also introduced to support more effective operations.

Based on the operational cost assessment TRG recommended that the company examine alternate locations with a view to reducing on-going operational expenses. TRG developed and issues a ‘blind’ RFP for a new call center site within the US and Canada. More than 70 jurisdictions responded. With the responses in hand, TRG worked with internal finance staff to develop and validate a model that could compare and contrast the operating expenses in each potential location versus the present one.

The Result:

In addition to the improvements in the operational performance driven by implementing the TRG recommendations, the client was able to identify more than $50 million dollars in operational savings that could be achieved in a new location!

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