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Taylor Reach has assessed thousands of contact centers around the globe from centers with as few as 5 or 6 agents to global contact center organizations with tens of thousands of agent positions, so we understand the thousands of moving parts that impact on center operation and performance. Each activity, process, technology and workflow impacts on others within the center and understanding these sometimes subtle interactions is critical to getting the most value from your contact center organization.


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We examine all faucets of your contact center operation across ‘four operational pillars’ or People, Process, Technology and Methodology. We identify and disconnect the ‘thousand moving parts’ and map the connections. The Strategic Assessment process examines all elements in the contact center;

  • People is the single largest cost in operating you center, we examine your people practices from the recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training, through the tools they employ and the types of contacts and channels they leverage. We examine your Workforce management processes, forecasting, scheduling and budgeting and we assess the quality management and performance management in place and identify additional or alternative approaches where appropriate
  • Process examining all process that ‘touch’ the contact center, both the frontline and related back office processes completed by the center. We examine the call flows and workflows and any existing process maps.
  • Technology we examine all telephony and technologies employed in the center(s) and assessing if you are using your existing technology stack to the best of its capabilities, identify if other or different technologies can add value or save costs.
  • Methodology, we look at the way the center(s) is managed, how reporting is employed to make decisions and where analytics can enhance the center performance.

We also examine the contact center strategy to gauge alignment between the strategy, the current state of the center operation and whether it supports the desired future state.

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