Call Centre Assessment-The Right Tools to Become a Leader in Customer Service

Join us on March 22nd at Scotiabank, 61 Front St. W., 2nd Floor, Toronto, Colin Taylor CEO of the Taylor Reach Group a Call Center Consulting firm, will present “Call Centre Assessment-The Right Tools to Becoming a Leader in Customer Service” with Don Scott, at the ICSA Toronto Chapter breakfast meeting from 8am to 11am.

Hope you can join us the coist is only $35 +HST for ICSA members and $45 + HST for non members.

From the session outline:

“Organizations around the world have been searching for a process to benchmark their operations
to global best practices in order to improve their customer service, lower cost and enhance
performance. In today’s market more than ever it makes sense to ensure you are operating at
peak performance and providing the right level of service.
But how do you know if your centre can benefit from an audit? What does an audit or assessment
entail? What elements of the centre will be examined? How much of my time and my staffs’ time
will it take and most important of all – what benefits can I expect to receive from an audit?
These are the questions that organizations ask when they consider conducting and audit or
assessment. Join us on March 22nd at the Scotiabank office building in Toronto to learn about a
new tool that is now available and which can be used for a self-assessment by organizations to
benchmark their operations.
Come hear Colin Taylor and Don Scott two of the foremost call and contact centre consultants
answer these questions and let you in on some trade secrets such as: What are the signs that my
centre can benefit from an audit; What are the big issues that are consistently unearthed by an
audit; Do I need to hire consultants to complete an audit; Are audits only for large centres; What
does and audit cost; and How do I build a business case to support doing an audit?
You will also learn how your organizations can qualify for the prestigious ICSA Customer
Experience Excellence Award.

Who Should Attend?
This presentation will benefit VP’s, Directors, Managers and any leader involved with improving
processes and procedures in a call centre.

Highlight of what you will learn:¨
How your centre can benefit from an Audit
¨ How to prepare for a call centre Audit
¨ What the audit process includes
¨ What a call centre audit costs
¨ How to build an ROI business case for a call centre Audit
¨ The latest in call centre Audit automation
¨ How to set objectives and tasks following an Audit”

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  1. Nicholas Sigamoney says:

    Do you have a presence in South Africa? please contact me on +2711 82 417 6911 on my South African Cellular Phone. I own a contact centre Consultancy buiness and would be interested in having a look at your tool and hpw it can be applied in South Africa.


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