Call Center Wishes Can Come True…No Genie Required

Every call center manager wants their center to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Every Senior Vice President wants the call or contact centers that they are responsible for to be ‘best practise’ and every Chief Marketing Officer wants the call center to capture or generate the maximum possible orders and revenue. Every CFO wants each of the pervious desires to come true, but without increasing spending or making capital investment.
Can the CFO get their wish or do they need a genie to grant these wishes?

The short answer is yes, you can have it all, but as with most things the devil is in the details. Do you know what the specific areas where call center improvement will have the biggest impact? Do you have the skills and experience to lead such an initiative within your organization? Do you have the bandwidth available to manage a call center re-engineering process in addition to your day job? Is there anyone within your organization who can answer yes to these three questions? Don’t feel bad, most companies can’t answer “yes” either.

The obvious solution is to find a knowledgeable consultant whose expertise and experience you can rent to identify and address these issues. But who do you call? Let me be completely transparent, you should call me. Now let me tell you why.

First, to be effective you want a consultant that has broad experience in a number call/contact centers and environments. Environments such as: Customer Service, Technical Support, Inbound, Outbound, Blended, Captive, Outsource, domestic and international. Someone who has only seen one type of center is ‘blind’ to what they haven’t seen before. My personal experience is 35 years in the call/contact center industry, beginning on the phones, running a center, building an in-house call center , outsource sales, account management and executive management of a successful outsource agency. I followed this with 7+ years assisting some very well regarded firms improve the operation of the call and contact center infrastructure. Along the way my clients and I received 27 awards for call center operational excellence on two continents.

Second, you want the consulting firm you work with to have demonstrable experience and reference-able success. We have achieved a number of significant results for our clients. Some of our successes include:
• $6 million in annual savings for a Major Bank,
• $1 million in first year savings for a Publisher,
• $1.5 million saved through process re-engineering for a major printer manufacture,
• Creation of Call Center Strategic Plan for services company rolled out to 25+ centers,
• Transformed services center: improving Grade of Service from 20% to 80% while reducing costs.
• For an international eCommerce retailer improved agent productivity by 54% while reducing cost per contact by 47%
• $2 million dollar improvement call center operational cost due to increased revenues and reduced expenses on a 50 seat center.

References, you can ask any one of our clients about our services and capabilities and we are confident you will be pleased with what they say about us.

Thirdly, you want a consultant that will stand behind their work. Where we are asked to implement recommendations we have made we will guarantee the Return on Investment (ROI)! Can you get a lower risk scenario than where the ROI is guaranteed?
Of course we are not the only good call/contact center consultants out there, but there aren’t that many good ones. There are literally thousands of call center consultants out there, well technically 26,900 according to Google. How can you know which one is ‘right’ for you? I can offer you some advice which I have used throughout my career:

1. Hire people you like, after all who wants to work with someone we don’t like.
2. Hire someone you trust and respect. As the hiring manager you will be judged by who you retain, so they had better garner your respect and be someone you can trust with your reputation.
3. Hire someone who can teach you and your staff something. Life is journey and we can all enjoy the journey more if we are constantly learning.

Now, I really can’t control if you like me, trust me or respect me, and you likely can’t judge this until we meet. But you can gain an insight into our knowledge and experience by reviewing some of the 100 plus articles and whitepapers we have written. You can review these on our website.

So what happens now? Well that is entirely up to you. If I have intrigued you, even a little, I hope that you will research us by visiting our website, reading some of our articles, reviewing my LinkedIn profile and perhaps even checking out my tweets (@colinsataylor).

If you want to discuss your center and challenges and gain my open and honest comments and perspective give me a call at 416-979-8692 ext 200 and I will gladly invest an hour of my time. If it is easier, just drop me an email posing some questions or suggesting a call of meeting and I will respond.

So if you want to improve your centers performance, then improve your centers performance and if we can help, we are happy to do so.

Best Regards,

Colin Taylor
The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.
Phone- 416-979-8692 ext 200

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