Call Center Satisfaction Highest in Canada

Now in its fourth year, the Avaya Contact Centre Consumer Index, 2011 is a global study of customer service across phone based, online and face to face channels.
The research study, sponsored by Avaya and conducted by surveyed 5,300 consumers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany and France.
Key findings of the research included:
• The top three channels used by consumers to interact with customer service centers are telephone (89%), Email (60%) and Automated phone & conversation (57%). The use of online channels in addition to Web self-service (37%) is growing with 17% of consumer using Web chat, 6% social media and 2% online video in the past three months.
• Quick query resolution is the most important attribute for delivering the ‘ideal’ customer service experience. Globally 22% of consumers rated that ‘quick query resolution’ is the most important attribute that customer service centres must offer for the experience to be rated as excellent.
• Globally, 74% of customers were ‘fairly’ – ‘extremely’ satisfied with their customer service experience. Satisfaction rating was highest in Canada (80%) and lowest in Japan (67%).
• Amongst global consumers, the customer ‘Satisfaction’ rating is significantly lower amongst consumers who used Automated phone (63%) and Letter (63%) channels whilst ‘Satisfaction’ is significantly higher amongst Web self-service channel users.
• Globally, the top three channels that consumers believe they will be using more often in the future are Online phone calls (56%), Email (55%), and Web self-service (38%).
“The results of the 2011 survey are aligned to Avaya’s view that today taking calls in a contact centre isn’t enough to keep customers loyal, and that businesses need to reach out to customers via email, instant messaging, text, and social media. Customers deploying Avaya multimedia contact center solutions have reported significant performance improvements in staff productivity, cost reduction and enhanced customer satisfaction,” said Chong-Win Lee, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Contact Center Solutions, Avaya.

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