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Most call and contact center were not designed or planned, they simply evolved based on the needs of the business or organization. The passage of time, internal operational pressures, the addition of new channels and work locations can create an inward looking operational focus. This inward facing perspective can create "blinders" and make it difficult to understand how your center(s) truly compares to ‘best practice’ centers.

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We employ the Snapshotz contact center audit tool, the only true contact center best practice benchmarking tool in the world. Each Snapshotz audit tracks more than 700 data-point on contact center operations, compares your center to best-practice and to the ISO 18295  standard. For more than a decade Snapshotz has been gathering benchmark data on call and contact centers, across all vertical, around the globe and today boasts a database of more the 3,500 contact centers.

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